Three Russians were injured at a show in Turkey, when they accidentally poured boiling oil (PHOTOS)

Трое россиян пострадали на шоу в Турции, когда их случайно облили кипящим маслом (ФОТО)

In one of the hotels in the Turkish city of Alanya during the show using fire injured three Russians. It is reported in Facebook the Consulate General of Russia in Antalya.

Travelers are 2009, 2015 and 1995 year of birth was hospitalized to a local hospital with burns of different severity. “According to the medical centres, victims receive necessary assistance. The condition of patients is satisfactory,” reads the statement of the Consulate General.

As reported “Yekaterinburg online” and Ura.Ru the incident occurred in the resort village of Kestel in the hotel Club Paradiso. As told by the eyewitness of the incident, during the show at the final dinner the chef made a mistake, bringing on guests poured burning oil.

“Eight people were injured, actually people burning. Among them – two of my son: three and a half years and ten years,” said the father of the affected children. According to him, one of them burns to 16% of the body (burned hands and head), second child – lose 27% of tissues. As the inhabitant of Ekaterinburg, the wounded had German and Dutch guests, while the Russians stood by, filming the event on camera.

Diplomats say that the adult Russian woman has already been discharged, while the minors for the next day will remain under medical supervision. As explained RBC operational Manager at Club Paradiso, where the incident occurred, 23-year-old girl on the night of 20 September and his family flew to Russia. “Two boys today will be discharged from the hospital and the evening will also fly home,” said the employee.

The Manager added that the hotel fully paid for the treatment and flights for their guests and to pay moral damages. The Consulate General finds out circumstances of the incident and has sent a request to local law enforcement.

The current tourist season in Turkey was a difficult time for Russia this year on vacation died 88 Russian citizens, about 40 needed medical evacuation. Russian Ambassador to Ankara Aleksey erhov explain the growth of PE with the compatriots by the fact that in Turkey began to come more and more Russians, and the incidents with the Russians, as a rule, “the most banal” reasons, including heart attacks, strokes, disregard of traffic rules and excessive alcohol consumption.

The most notorious were the deaths in Turkey of several children. In late August, died in hospital 12-year-old girl from St. Petersburg whose hand was sucked into the pipe of the pool at the hotel of Bodrum. Even after stopping the pump to pull the hand succeeded only in conjunction with a shell pools the efforts of seven men. Turkish authorities are investigating the case.

In early September, the dead 19-year-old tourist, who fell into a coma after the incident while swimming with exotic fish in the water amusement Park Sealanya Sea Park. Also in early September in the hotel pool in Antalya drowned five year old girl. Wide publicity was the death of 16-year-old Russian woman, trapped in a Turkish hospital with acute abdominal pain. Presumably she died from peritonitis. Her parents suspected doctors in the illegal removal of organs girls.

Representatives of the Turkish clinics “Asham” and “Ciedra” reject these accusations. According to them, the parents were too late in seeking medical help when the condition their daughter was already hopeless. The head of the Department of health Antalya Unal Hulur reported that the autopsy of the girl’s body was removed the uterus and ovaries to determine the cause of death.