Three simple advices on how to safely rebuild your body to fall


The experts identified three simple suggestions that allow painless to rebuild the body to fall. They will avoid the seasonal Blues, keep positive emotions and cheerfulness.

Названы три простых совета, как безболезненно перестроить свой организм к осени

The first should be a Council to revise the diet. Need to increase the amount of vitamins and other beneficial components because raw weather causes an exacerbation of chronic diseases, including the spread of viruses. Everyday you need to eat 400 grams of fruit and citrus, it will strengthen the immune system and provide suppression of the microbial environment in the body. It is recommended to brew tea with cinnamon, ginger, raspberries, strawberries and currants instead of sugar useful to use honey. The berries cause the immunomodulatory effect. Besides, experts believe that hot drinks from them is extremely useful during the cold period. You should refrain from too fatty and heavy meals in the fall it is a big burden for the body.

It is necessary to change a way of life. Bedtime useful to read the book and not watch TV. At this time of year, needed charge of positive energy, so you should study dancing, yoga, visit the gym and perform weight training. In the evening a very useful walk in the fresh air. It is recommended to revise closet. Clothing should be layered, according to experts, preference should be given outfits made from natural fabrics.

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