Three things to know about Brad Pitt's disease

Three things to know about Brad Pitt's disease


A few days ago, American actor Brad Pitt revealed that he suffered from a face recognition disorder. But what does it mean?

What is prosopagnosia?

“It simply means an inability to recognize faces. When your eyes receive images, this signal is sent to the brain in its various structures, including the occipital lobe. The images are analyzed in this way”, explained Dr. Julien J. Cavanagh.

Who can suffer from it?

“Humans are not the only ones to have this face recognition capability. Some animals also have this ability. There are humans who are born without this ability. There are others who lose this ability due to a tumor, an autoimmune disease or a stroke,” detailed the doctor.

Brad Pitt does moreover part of the people who have never had this ability.

“But we don't know to what degree. The experience he shares is that during Hollywood events, he has a bit of a reputation for being a snob and not being interested in other people, but in fact, he has a hard time recognize,” he continued.

How many people live with this?

“What is remarkable is that people who are born like him do not necessarily realize it. So, it is difficult to know how many people suffer from it. We have more data on people who have lost the capacity, but it is still rare, ”said Mr. Cavanagh.