Three-time Russian world champion in freestyle wrestling confessed to doping

Трехкратный российский чемпион мира по вольной борьбе сознался в употреблении допинга

Bilyal Makhov

Triple world champion (2007, 2009, 2010), silver medalist of Olympic games-2012 in London in freestyle wrestling, Russian Bilyal Mahovu faces two-year suspension for violating anti-doping rules, reports with reference to TASS.

What sanctions he faces and the reasons why the athlete to go to the anti-doping rule violation, Mach himself said in an interview.

This 32-year-old native of Nalchik said that in that moment, when he passed the doping test, he was treated and he was injected with various hormones, which he forgot to inform the hotel in advance.

“When I came to the doping officers, I just came from Germany after the surgery. Was post-operative rehabilitation, I had been injected with a lot of different hormones. I was negligent to this issue, not really paid attention to it, where need showed up,” said the wrestler.

“Now go to trial, the Commission will have to decide how I had the intent I was going or unfair to take advantage of the situation. It was during the extra competitive period, but since we are professionals, the athletes are in the international pool. I had process monitor, and I got a little relaxed in this respect and have arrived”.

In addition, the Russians added that he is currently preparing a document which presents a course of rehabilitation after surgery.

“I had back surgery, neck and knee, I had been injected with hormones that restore cartilage tissue. These drugs need to state in advance, and I did not. I collect full set of documents, what I did like was treated. In any case, the penalty will be, the article implies at least a two-year disqualification”.

It is noted that we passed a positive doping test for growth hormone and can get up to four years disqualification. The sample was taken in January at the international tournament in Rome, where the Russian wrestler took second place. Makhov returned to the sport at the end of 2019 after two-year break and set the task to take part in the third for the Olympic games.