Three times more: the United States expanded the list of symptoms of infection with coronavirus

At the request of American physicians, the centre for control and prevention (CDC) in the United States published an updated list of symptoms of coronavirus, according to Fox News.

В три раза больше: США расширили список симптомов заражения коронавирусом

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Previously, the CDC focused only on three main symptoms COVID-19: high temperature, cough and shortness of breath. Now, the Agency has made to the list of vomiting, sudden fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and loss of sense of taste and smell. The decision to expand the list was made due to the fact that dozens of U.S. doctors reported to Federal officials that their patients with confirmed coronavirus complained about previously unknown symptoms. Doctors urged CDC to include them in this list.

In March, the American Academy of otolaryngology has already called on the CDC to add a anosmia — loss of smell — the list of potential signs of coronavirus.

Posted on 23 April, a study conducted together with scientists from Italy and the UK showed that 64% of the patients with coronavirus reported “altered sense of smell or sense of taste.”

Experts believe that it is critical to convey to the public all the basic symptoms, because if some patients discovered they all, others only a few. It is also known that many people carry the coronavirus completely asymptomatic, but to actively infect others.

Earlier, the President trump presented a plan of three phases to cancel the quarantine in the country. This event was commented by Dr. James Denny, CEO of the American Academy of otolaryngology, saying that as the opening of American businesses, anyone who has symptoms from the list must pass the test or go to the quarantine, reports The Daily Mail.

He added that about 40% of patients with coronavirus stated that they experience fatigue, almost 14% said that they have a headache, and about 12% complained of constant chills.

At the moment in the USA was over 888 thousand cases of infection, more than 50 thousand people died.

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