Three worst ideas for Breakfast

There are some products that are not suitable for Breakfast – they can ruin your entire day and harm your health.

Три самых плохих идеи для завтрака

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that those who eat Breakfast, during the day, less prone to overeating. A proper Breakfast should be nutritious and healthy. We will talk about three categories of products that are not on the table.

Any sausage and meat products – not a good idea for Breakfast. Not only that, they are the products of ultrabroad in and of themselves harmful, but also contain a lot of salt. In addition, such products are bad for the digestive tract. It not only threatens the development of various diseases, but can cause discomfort for the whole day – after Breakfast with sausage and bacon can be a feeling of heaviness, heartburn and other unpleasant symptoms.

It is recommended to avoid sweets for Breakfast. They cause sharp rise in blood sugar levels, which causes the emission of large quantities of insulin. If every day for Breakfast cakes, you can pretty quickly earn diabetes. Excellent choice for Breakfast would be a serving of fresh fruit, but if you do not imagine to start without sweets, you can eat some dried fruit.

Another product, which is to give the morning – juice. Even if it is freshly squeezed. The juice contains acids which can damage the lining and cause heartburn. In addition, fruit sugar creates the same effect as the sweets – a sharp rise of blood sugar and then release insulin. Juice has a feature – it is still possible to drink, but not instead of Breakfast, and after him.