Three years after the end of “Let go”: Isabelle Langlois back with “The candidate”

Three years after the end of «Letting go


Three years after the end of the comedy Let go, author Isabelle Langlois is preparing her return with the series The Candidate, which will star Catherine Chabot as a post candidate who, against all odds, gets elected to the National Assembly and will have to learn a new job in a world that is totally foreign to him.

This situation is reminiscent of the career of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, who was elected federally in 2011 under the banner of the New Democratic Party, in Mauricie, she who spoke little French, worked in an Ottawa bar and had made a trip to Las Vegas during the campaign, which showed that she did not take the election seriously. Finally, Ms. Ellen Brosseau, who is no longer in politics, has proven to be an excellent representative of these fellow citizens.

Alix Mongeau (Catherine Chabot) is 30 years old and had a child at 16. She is a nail technician. Uneducated, she is still intelligent and endearing. “She is a specialist in the art of pulling the devil by the tail, told the author Isabelle Langlois, Wednesday, in a virtual round table. She has, for a large part of her baggage, a lot of dissatisfaction.”

One day, she stumbles upon a friend from high school (Olivier Gervais-Courchesne) who is a political adviser for the Parti Progrès et Démocratie du Québec (PPDQ). He needs post candidates who will only lend their face for the campaign in constituencies where they have little chance of winning. But the surprise is total when Alix is ​​elected alongside 34 other PPDQ candidates. She then becomes MP for the riding of Dufferin and will be entitled to a “baptism of fire” with an environmental scandal.

“She must learn this trade for which she has no experience, no skills and no goal, in a riding that she could not even locate on the map,” said Isabelle Langlois, adding that she must learn life. parliamentarian and learn to share between Quebec and the city where she lives.

Isabelle Langlois has written more half-hours with her other series, with the exception of the last season of Mauvais Karma.

In addition to Catherine Chabot and Olivier Gervais-Courchesne, the two other main roles will be played by Noé Lira and Inès Talbi in the 10 one-hour episodes, which will be directed by Sébastien Gagné, who piloted the last three seasons of Letting Go.

The series will also star Patrick-Emmanuel Abellard, Geneviève Alarie, Christian Bégin, Éric Bernier, Geneviève Brouillette, Louis Champagne, Hugo Dubé, Alex Godbout, Maka Kotto, Roger Léger, Lily-Rose Loyer, Mireille Métellus, Valé rie Tellos and Isabelle Vincent.

Produced by Groupe Encore, the series The Candidate will be available next spring on ICI TOU.TV EXTRA.