Tibetan horoscope: the 12 ways of wisdom and challenges that made us life


Тибетский гороскоп: 12 путей мудрости и задачи, которые приготовила нам жизнь

Each of the characters of a Tibetan horoscope carries a certain wisdom. Want to know what he’s talking about your sign?

Tibetan horoscope is based on the belief in the 12 ways of wisdom. In accordance with the date of birth, each person goes his own “way of wisdom” and has a purpose, and karmic task that you must fulfill.

Aries – the reincarnation

From the point of view of the life cycle, Aries symbolizes past lives. This dragon-hero, fighting with inner demons and temptations of the outside world. For this he has the energy and aggressiveness of Mars.

Aries runs away from monotony and deliberation. Therefore, for people born under this sign fit the social profession through which they can develop and get rid of self-centeredness.

Karma: live in the present, explore your inner world, meditate, find joy and do not forget to continue to live when everything goes to plan.

You must learn to forget their mistakes and look to the future. Here’s how the Rams find their way to the Ecumenical world.

Taurus – education of the spirit

Taurus symbolizes the development, understanding and wisdom. He patronage of Venus – the earthly love, the mother of beauty and art.

Next to them is always cozy, because these people have a wealth of experience of past lives. And education of the spirit initiates the establishment of communication with our inner world.

Karma: Actions of the Bullock is not motivated by his confidence and doubts. Through the establishment of control over his energy, he can easily overcome the conservatism. The only way he will be able to find inner peace.

Gemini – mental and spiritual evolution

From the point of view of the life cycle, it symbolizes knowledge and intelligence. The twins ruling planet mercury, making them social, capable, pleasant, attentive, curious, flexible, intelligent, unreliable, vindictive and such, that and nothing ever gets done.

Although born under this sign and feel the need for spiritual development, but they’ll never find peace of mind.

Karma: the unstable state, mood swings. To achieve great goals the Twins need to be realistic. So they will be able to overcome any contradictions. The solution is actually always easier than you think.

Cancer – the birth of man

Cancer symbolizes knowledge and is the embodiment of the spirit in the physical world. When the psychological embodiment has almost taken place, the physical incarnation starts. It is a symbol of motherhood, the body and the senses.

For your own protection Cancer holds it in, like in a sealed box. His spiritual wealth is in his family, but he comes to realize it only after long and patient meditation, revealing to him the truth about the source of life.

Cancers need attention, loyalty and constant proof of love.

Karma: this is a powerful man who wants to be the center of attention. In addition, Cancers are very authoritarian. That’s why people often try to avoid them.

Leo – the universal consciousness

This sign combines consciousness and reality. Leo is actively involved in the life of the real world, wants success and continually proves its leadership.

But the true success of the Lion only after he wins the envy, need for admiration, a love of food and sensuality.

Karma: he thinks of himself as the center of the Universe. If the lion learns to manage effectively the internal energy, then it will disrupt the normal process of personality development, becoming selfish.

Even the most sane Lions sometimes losing it. And when that happens, you need to listen to what others say. You should serve the people is the only way to connect the mind and reality.

Virgo – work and the world of material things

Those born under these sign are accustomed both to take and to give. With age, Virgins develops the spirit eternally dissatisfied critic, denies all around. The problem lies in their excessive outrage.

Karma: if Virgo wants to achieve spiritual maturity, she needs to stop digging and start thinking about others. And it is advisable to open your mind to the highest ideals of humanity.

Libra – hypersensitivity

Libra trying to balance the material and the spiritual. But they need to learn to choose between harmony and dissonance. The ambition of the Scales recede into the background just in case if someone starts to show them sympathy.

They want to gain universal knowledge.

Karma: this is the most fickle sign of the Zodiac characterized by increased sensitivity. Representatives of this sign are flying very high and the balance is designed to help them to adhere to its own statistics, and the risk and be disappointed.

Scorpio – the desire to live forever

In Scorpio there is a perpetual struggle between reason and reality. He is attractive and thinks that all should contribute and receive pleasure. Scorpio is driven by only the desire to win.

He dreams of a long life and distinguished beauty, commitment and propensity for possessiveness. Such people want to enjoy worldly pleasures, but they are invariably attracted to the spiritual conquest of the peaks.

Scorpio can easily get lost in uncontrollable bodily impulses. He fears death, and his merciless criticism. Negative Scorpios show a propensity for self-destruction.

Karma: learn to protect your energy, do not exaggerate, restrain the impulses of passion and control internal destructive force.

Sagittarius – the stage of maturation

It all always satisfied. Archers can live a social life and thus to develop inside.

They want to possess material things, they enjoy earthly success and are generous. The main danger of Archers see only in retreat.

Karma: you need to stop trying to learn everything at any cost, wasting energy on a million different things at once. Peace and altruism will help you to find inner peace. Just don’t spend your time where it is not needed.

Capricorn – the Supreme knowledge

Success is built on tests. These people are completely open to a sense of their journey through life.

They work silently and often live alone. But they need the company of other people.

Karma: Capricorn longs to dictate the rules of the game, which can lead to the establishment of cynical despotism and megalomania. Energy should be directed towards spiritual knowledge. The only way the Capricorn will be able to understand what is happening around.

Aquarius – conscious choice

Aquarians are always ready for social contacts. They completely take responsibility for themselves and for their actions. They are adults. The representatives of this sign have no illusions, they do not close their eyes to the real world.

They are taking control of their karma, and therefore have to work in those areas where the first place is in the public interest. Aquarians accumulate all types of energy, and therefore prone to continuous internal conflict.

This is the eternal initiator. These people go all out and surrounding appreciate it.

Karma: Aquarians are very loving, but constantly live in fear of being abandoned and betrayed, even your best friends. Not everyone can understand the greatness of Aquarius. And sometimes too strong love can have fatal consequences.

Fish – return to light

Pisces is the final result of rebirth. They are alone, but are closely connected with the Universe. Representatives of this sign succeed in spiritual matters, without losing its individuality.

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