Tickets for the pope, sold out in 10 minutes

Tickets for the Pope sold out in 10 minutes


The 2,000 tickets to attend Pope Francis' mass outside at the Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré sanctuary on July 28 sold out in 10 minutes.  

As of 12:30 p.m. on Monday, tickets were available for free on the Ticketmaster site, but you had to hurry to get a pass.  

As we learned at Over the past few weeks, seats insidethe basilica are limited to 1,400 and 70% are reserved for Indigenous attendees, including many residential school survivors. 

< p>The other 30% will be made up of delegations from dioceses in Eastern Canada (which will also include many Indigenous people) as well as a limited number of representatives from various levels of government. The distribution of these places is done with the organizations concerned. 

To attend the mass outside of the basilica, 2000 general admission places were available via a Ticketmaster link from Monday, July 11, at 12:30 p.m. In 10 minutes, tickets sold out like hot cakes. Participants will be able to follow the progress of the ceremony outside on giant screens. 

“It went very quickly. We are not surprised. We have been hearing echoes for several weeks from everywhere from people who want to experience this historic moment,” said Valérie Roberge-Dion, director of communications for the Catholic Church of Quebec. 

The July 27, people who wish to follow the Pope's arrival in Quebec are invited to gather on the Plains of Abraham. No ticket is required.

Beware of fraud

Ms. Dion took the opportunity to urge people to be careful not to be fooled.

“We have seen on resale sites that there are individuals who try to take advantage of the situation. People are urged not to pay for papal visit tickets. These are free tickets to experience a reconciliation event. They are advised against encouraging people who want to make money with it. We must also be wary because it is possible that these are fraudulent tickets that are not valid,” added Ms. Dion.

Outside, nearly 10,000 people are expected . In addition to the 2,000 tickets distributed on Monday for free, another 7,000 tickets are reserved for indigenous communities and they will be distributed by themselves. The last 1000 tickets will be distributed by the diocesan delegations in the east of the country mainly. Individuals could order up to four tickets for the mass. 

“As of now, there is no other access necessarily for the general public at Sainte-Anne-de- Bowsprit. So we invite everyone to a meeting on the Plains of Abraham. It's free. There is no ticket required. There is no maximum,” said Ms. Dion. 

Please note that there will be no parking space available for cars in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré . Information regarding the locations of the meeting points for the shuttles and the drop-off/pick-up of the buses will be given in the coming days.