Tickets from $39: JetBlue has a sale on attractive price

Although warm days are very close, they still have to wait. In the meantime, the airline JetBlue is ready to help anyone who craves sunlight in the near future — for example, offering discounts to Sunny locations such as Florida or the Dominican Republic, writes Travel+Leasure.

Авиабилеты от $39: JetBlue проводит распродажу по заманчивым ценам

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The two-day sale includes travel between 18 March to 18 June, except the time periods from 8 to 23 April and from 21 to 25 may. You can book a flight on any day from Monday to Thursday: it is important to have time until 23:59 on Wednesday, 11 March at Eastern or local time, whichever comes first.

Sale includes many of the most popular routes for passengers of JetBlue. From new York, JetBlue takes you to Santiago, Dominican Republic, for just $139 one way. From Los Angeles you can book a flight for $129 in new York. Travel from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale for $49, while flights from Fort Lauderdale to Nassau in the Bahamas will cost you only $39.

Promotional rates are valid only for the cheapest fares JetBlue (Blue Basic, or Blue, depending on the route), but all prices include government taxes and fees. If you plan to take checked baggage, you will have to pay $ 35 for the first bag or suitcase.

For those who want to go on vacation, flights JetBlue Vacations also included in the sale. The packages include round-trip flights and hotel accommodation for two nights. The new Yorkers can fly to Charleston for only $185 per person. From Boston go to the Bahamas for $455 per person. Travelers in the D.C. area can book a vacation to San Juan for $429 per person.

Visit the JetBlue website for more information or to book your trip.





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