Tickets, hotels, cruises: how cheap is it to travel and relax during the low season

Flights, hotels and even some attractions can be expensive during the peak tourist season, when crowds of travelers hit the road. But despite the fact that in high season the weather can be more favorable for travel, recreation and walks, the best prices can be found during the low season, writes USA Today.

Авиабилеты, отели, круизы: как дешево путешествовать и отдыхать в низкий сезон

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Airfare drops

Low airfare is one of the many benefits of the off-season. As a rule, the highest prices for summer flights, but in some places the opposite is true: in the hottest part of the year tickets below. Some winter resorts, such as ski, just the lack of summer tourists, but still have a lot to offer visitors.

Even in places like the Caribbean, in the summer there is a decline in tourist flow. If you are not afraid of the intense heat, you will definitely find the biggest discounts on tickets to places like this. To obtain the great discounts search “flexible trips” on the online resources for travelers.

Inexpensive and great seats to the aircraft

In our days, the passengers not only pay for the premium. Many airlines charge hidden fees for more desirable seats in the economy class, for example, with a few extra inches of legroom. For example, Air New Zealand will charge up to an additional $1500 with two passengers on the Economy Skycouch seats. This Board gives you three seats with folding footrests and armrests that turn the whole series into a comfortable sofa.

If you will be flying in the low season, you don’t need to pay for the best seats. Since the flights are long-distance too in demand, you can create your own “sky sofa”, buying an empty row of economy class and asking a few pillows. You arrive at your destination rested and ready to have fun.

The longer you can stay in a hotel

It is well known that hotel prices drop in low season. You can even purchase luxurious accommodation at a lower price. According to The New York Times, hotels in Miami are often lower prices in high season at 50%. You can take advantage of special offers such as free service, free fourth night at the hotel or a large loan for the food in the hotel restaurant.

If you wanted to spend a budget vacation in Europe, expect lower prices from November to March. To be cool, but popular destinations at this time more affordable. Travel from mid-June until August? Say goodbye to your savings.

Active rest is cheaper

Regardless of what you plan to do in your free time, you most likely will pay less in low season. If your list includes a relaxing massage, or rejuvenating facial, book it in the off-season to get more for their money. In July and August, the city’s main resorts of Miami (under the aegis of the Month “Spa”) lower their prices to 50%.

You will also find great Spa deals, when you go to ski place in warm weather. Resorts in vail, Colorado, for example, offer significant discounts for visitors in the offseason. If you prefer to spend time on the Golf course, not a massage therapist, you will find discounts all over the country.

If you dream to go on Safari in Africa or a tour to the pyramids in Egypt, the restructuring of your schedule will help to save money. According to Travel + Leisure, in the off-season discounts on a Safari can be up to 40%. For example, in high season you’ll pay $3770 for a family tent in the legendary Safari service, the Cottar, from which views of the sunset over the Serengeti. However, prices for the green season (mid-March to may) drop to $2181 per night.

Many travel companies also offer special off-season discounts. Go Ahead Tours, for example, reduces the price of tours around the world — from Alaska to the UK and Italy — in the low season.

You can go on a budget cruise

If you want to relax in an inexpensive cruise, plan your trip during the low season. As a rule, the seasons depend on the waterways in question, so read the question before booking your trip.

Although you can buy it at a discount and traditional sea cruise, river usually offer better prices. You can get not only discounts on European river cruises in the fall and early spring, and the best time for this conditions.

Even cheaper to take a cruise in one direction, when the ship leaves from one port and leaves you in another. As a result, you can explore two different cities, enjoying great discounts. Best of all, the repositioning cruises are usually less busy, so you don’t have to worry about crowded pools or queues at the buffet.

Car hire for less money

When you are away from home, nice to be able to get around by car, so many travelers find rental car an integral part of the package. Like any other commodity, the prices of rental cars grow when there is a lot of wishing. Of course, this often happens in the middle of the season.

How to get the best rate? Travel in the off season and book a car in advance. Then, check the current price every few weeks until the day of your journey. If the best available price, choose this option and cancel your booking. You will not be charged for it and even be able to rent for a longer period for less money.

Food travel cheaper

Diet can play an important role in the formation of the holiday budget. The more you love to eat, the more it made sense to consider the low season for travel. Remember that supply and demand is the main rule. Because in the off-season demand is falling,prices are falling, including the prices of food. This happens both in the popular European areas, and in the resort towns of America.

Some cities even held a “week of dining” in the low season. For example, the popular Miami beach is less popular in August and September. During this period, a sultry South Florida city offers great prices on delicious food. In addition, there is an abundance of people, so reservations would be easier.

Cheap trips by rail

Perhaps you have decided to choose the train as their main means of transportation in the journey — for example, if traveling to Canada. You can buy cheaper tickets if you book in advance and travel in the offseason.

According to South Western railway, travel outside the busy periods pay off financially. You will also have a more relaxed trip. Think about it, and Alaska: a train ticket between anchorage and Fairbanks in the summer is $244, and in winter — only $195.