Tim Hortons in Toronto will allow buyers to choose cookies with a personal design (PHOTO)

Tim Hortons в Торонто позволит покупателям выбирать печенья с персональным дизайном (ФОТО)

Monday, 16 September Tim Hortons Innovation Cafe, located at 130 King St. West, will allow customers to buy cookies with their own design. All the proceeds from their sale money will go to charity.

But don’t worry, all the other restaurants of the chain Tim Hortons in Canada and the United States will be sold to already known buyers ridiculous and wonderful cookies with a smile from 16 to 22 September.

In recent years, these cookies with a smiles became widely known because of their distorted individuals flowing mouths, uneven drops for eyes (and sometimes even hard to imagine that it shows the face).

Canadians usually buy cookies with a smiles entire bundles to entertain your colleagues, friends or family members.

Each cookie costs $1 and 100% of the cost will be transferred to the charity.

Only in 2017 Tim Hortons in the campaign has raised more than $6.5 million that was redirected in organizing The Children’s Breakfast Club, Military of Mental Health and Friends of We.

And despite the fact that cookies with a smile never similar to what can be observed in advertising campaigns, present their version is much more interesting.