Time goes on, change dress: Charlize Theron walking with “daughter”

Son of the actress once again appeared in public in a dress and heels.

Время идет, платья меняются: Шарлиз Терон на прогулке с «дочерью»

Seven-year-old son of Charlize Theron named Jackson has become a celebrity — a public haunt girly outfits boy that he prefers the traditional boy clothes.

On the days the paparazzi photographed Charlize and Jackson in the Parking lot when the actress accompanied the child to school. Jackson was dressed in a plaid sundress, coral Polo shirt, and gray sneakers. The boy wears long dreadlocks, which this time he had gathered on the top of the head to the tail. Theron was accompanied by the son in simple black leggings, t-shirt and New Balance sneakers.

Время идет, платья меняются: Шарлиз Терон на прогулке с «дочерью»

It is interesting that in the Western press Jackson for a few months called the “daughter” Charlize. According to the actress, he thinks he’s a girl, and Charlize did not preclude gender-determination of the child. Theron says she’s growing “two beautiful daughters”, and insists that the children have to decide what I want to be.

I just have to ensure that they have all been good

— said the actress.