Timothy Salame and Joel Edgerton presented the “King” in South Korea

Timothy Salame and Joel Edgerton appeared before cameras in the company of the Director of the film “King” David Michaud during the International film festival in Busan, South Korea.

Тимоти Шаламе и Джоэл Эдгертон представили «Короля» в Южной Корее

The actors presented to the audience his new work, and also met with fans and talked about the painting taken after her show.

“King” — Australian drama directed by David Michaud created according to the historical Chronicles of William Shakespeare. The storyline tells about the events that took place in England of the 15th century. The work of the English playwright was repeatedly subjected to various interpretations and artistic productions. Adaptation of the 1989 year and even won the “Oscar”.

Whether David Michaud to achieve the same with the version of Shakespeare, is unclear. At the end of the Venice film festival the film received mixed reviews. The BBC and The Guardian rated the film 3 out of 5, and the critics Vanity Fair added that “without language, spoken Shakespeare, it’s just historically inaccurate film about the battle of the king”. However, there were those who said great game and the talent of the actors. Among them ― critics Lorenzo was Corkalo, British journalist Melissa Billy and the publication Variety.

“King” will be available to rent October 11, and will be available on the platform Netflix from the 1st of November.