Timothy Salame and Lily-rose Depp presented the “King” in new York

Young actors who in the film played the Royal couple in real life didn’t look in love.

Тимоти Шаламе и Лили-Роуз Депп представили «Короля» в Нью-Йорке

20-year-old Lily-rose Depp, the daughter of Vanessa Paradis and johnny Depp, and 23-year-old Timothy Salame opened in new York premiere of the film “the King”, where he played a major role. Depp and Salami, which have long suspected a close relationship, took to the red carpet separately and posed for photographers separately. Timothy, the star of the drama “Tell me your name”, which I consider one of the examples of Hollywood style took to the red carpet in a black suit with a lemon yellow turtleneck underneath.

Тимоти Шаламе и Лили-Роуз Депп представили «Короля» в Нью-Йорке

Lily-rose came to the premiere in a long dress with a smell and a panel of bright pink colors on a black background from Chanel. The actress chose not to load heavy dress accessories, abandoning the bracelets and necklaces in favor of long silver earrings and one ring.

Тимоти Шаламе и Лили-Роуз Депп представили «Короля» в Нью-Йорке

Fans of the image of the stars did not appreciate, noting that the outfits give both of age:

Both look terrible today, her makeup and dress like a 40-year-old lady, and his suit fits poorly, and yellow is not his color.

On the red carpet a company of young actors made the film’s Director, David Michaud and one of its producers Joel Edgerton.

In the new film Timothy will play a young king Henry V, who does not aspire to power, but still occupies the throne by right after the death of his father. Depp in the film plays the role of Catherine of Valois, the wife of the monarch. Royal two-hour drama with an adult rating of R will be released on big screen on October 11 in select theaters. And on 1 November, the film will be able to see all the spectators on the streaming service Netflix.