Tina admitted that she was beaten

Singer Tina Karol, who played in the dramatic short film, spoke about the education of his son Benjamin.

Тина Кароль призналась, что её били

Tina sees him as a real man, so raising a boy’s self, teaches him to take responsibility. And the blame, and he realizes that he is the main support for moms, according to the program “Life of famous people”.

“He has the talent and potential to become an adult before, and it’s not bad. I need support, he knows it. I have to self-educate, and train for life before the kids are hardened in Ukraine to life. And I know that is it normal to take this responsibility, because his father was like this,” said Tina.

Carol for my son and a strict and loving mother at the same time, she clearly knows, which will never allow the education of his son.

“I, well, first, never hit, well, it’s the Pope even once, God forbid, a belt”, — said the artist.

In no case do not raise a hand against the son – the main rule of the singer, because she still can’t forget how she herself was beaten as a child.

“I received the fine, I think it’s not right, it’s some kind of weakness of intelligence. When you beat your child with a belt is a weakness of your intellect. You have to explain the difference between one or the other”, — explained his position Carol.

Tina is convinced that the current generation of children was another assault, they will not forgive you, parents must learn to find verbal approach, no matter how nervous the situation.

“Just some correct comparison must be found. Of course we have some such clashes, a La this, this is not possible, what is impossible, if I want. Or just some small nuances, but it all can be solved. Importantly, children do not feel that you have to push. They should know that they are the person. Came to this world to reveal his identity,” said Tina.

His main task as a mom, the singer believes to educate the son of the person that he saw the world without internal constraints, such as its generation.

“We have raised the guilt. Brought up: “Here you have”. In short, guilt. This is something that can curb many people in one column. I teach without this stamp, I have a personality and can Express themselves in different ways. Wants sat on the floor, sitting. Not wants, not sitting, wants so be it, you can have different right,” said the singer.

And if calm son can’t talk, then Tina has a way, which she shares with the audience. It is important, says the singer, to cultivate in the child a sense of respect for parents, then any dispute will be final.