Tina and Dan Balan showed an incredible tenderness

Recently hosted the tenth episode of the third season of “Dancing with the stars”, during which their performances pleased the spectators not only project participants, but Tina Karol with Dan Balan.

Тина Кароль и Дан Балан показали невероятную нежность

Artists appeared on the stage to perform their joint song “Home.” Luxurious silver dress from Tina, a stylish suit from Dana — all this was left without attention, after all, watched solely with the emotions of the performers. And they have seemed very sincere!

And then Tina and Dan gave each other a gentle smile and soulful eyes. They seemed to not notice anyone around. Not surprisingly, the number of artists once again stirred a wave of rumors about their affair. However, the reviews neither Dan or Tina is not in a hurry. What do you think — are they together?