Tina and Dan Balan will perform a duet in a new song

This Sunday at 21:00 on TV channel “1+1” will be the tenth live “Tanzu s with a stars”, which will be held under the theme “Mystical evening of the Halloween”. The stars will delight audiences with the mysterious images and show on the floor of the room full of mysterious stories.

Тина Кароль и Dan Balan исполнят дуэтом новую песню

One of the main surprises of the evening will be the appearance on the project of the singer and coach of the winning “Voice of the country-9” Dan Balan that this time together with Tina Karol will support participants before going on the floor in the “Golden room”.

During vocal project fans intently watched as the coaches raging passion and thought, is there between them feelings.

It looks like viewers will have another reason for discussion, because “Tancah s with a stars” they plan to sing a duet. The artists will present a lyrical song “Home.” In addition, Tina Karol and Dan Balan surprised the viewers a gentle waltz that they will dance on the floor show.

The first footage from the rehearsals to the live already appeared in the Network.

Interestingly, the singer is already preparing a special costume for the “Halloween” to “Tancah s with a stars” and turn into count Dracula, but how to surprise the singer this time – remains a intrigue.

Note that the leading of the balcony will become the flamboyant actress, the current participant, MARUV, who danced with JAY. More recently, the audience wanted to return it to the project, because latex diva will meet the stars on the balcony and be the first to know about the evaluation of judges.

Recall that in live, which will take place on 27 Oct at 21:00, except incendiary offer for viewers waiting for a continuous stream of the project, because during a commercial break on the official pages “Tanzu s with a stars” and “1+1” on Facebook actor and star of “Sedanko. Vidnoe” Alexander Popov broadcasts live to the backstage.