Tina cheered the network with the funny MARUV

Tina Karol in the fourth live Dancing with the stars 2019 fell important mission – not just to the release show, and becoming a leading real wedding! She appeared before the audience in a flimsy dress that reminded fans of the beautiful elf, and performed admirably with a difficult role. The Sunday edition became the “Evening of love”, because on 15 September, the prima ballerina and judge of the project Kateryna Kuhar married Alexander Stoyanov, and guests of the star couple became leading participants and spectators!

Тина Кароль развеселила сеть забавным снимком с MARUV

The air was full of surprises. One of the most striking performances was the “little boy’s” the Paso Doble MARUV JAY and me. By the way, shocking the couple made the bride an extravagant gift – hot slumber party with hot dancing at the judges ‘ table! No less unexpected was the bold photo of Tina, MARUV JAY and I, which pop diva has published in Instagram.

The singer shared photos from backstage, which poses … in the hands of JAY me. MARUV in “leopard” fur coat hugged his colleague for the leg, and Tina laughs at the camera, not hiding his emotions.

It seems that for the participants of the project who gathered in the background, the unusual collaboration came as a surprise. Their faces display a range of emotions, including genuine surprise.

Fans of Tina appreciated the fun and shared their impressions in the comments. They even offered two singer to dance together or to record a duet.

  • Very cool photo
  • Here is the motion! Probably still have to see this live
  • Very cool
  • What you chumacera
  • What do you have there? Of course there is more interesting than on the floor
  • Oooo. Krutyye!
  • Why is it so you? Class!
  • Ahahahah, I want to see the dance Tina and Marov
  • Have fun out there on the backstage
  • Need a song with MARUV!