Tina Karol has demonstrated a new Luxe look

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol became the host of the entertainment show “dancing with the stars 2019”. So every Sunday she goes live, showcasing new luxury outfit, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the channel 24.

Тина Кароль продемонстрировала новый роскошный образ

September 22 was a special edition of the project “dancing with the stars 2019”. The show was dedicated to the events that changed the lives of star parties. But despite the Frank admissions and unexpected initiation, all the spectators were amazed at the output of Tina Karol.

The actress chose a bright pink dress with a large incision. Therefore, evening dress emphasized the slender figure of Tina Karol spicy and bared her legs. Leading the way was supplemented sandals heels and styled waves of hair.

It is unknown who created Tina Karol luxurious dress. In one interview she confessed that the outfits for “Dancing with the stars” sew domestic designers. Tina picks up the images for filming and admits that all these dresses are versatile, suitable not only for TV but also secular outputs.

“I don’t share your closet on stage and everyday. Basically it is versatile outfits that can attend the holiday event, go on a television shoot or for a meeting. The most important thing – the clothes must emphasize the features of the figure and be comfortable,” shared Tina.