Tina Karol in a sparkling dress presented a new clip “Come to life”

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol presented a new video.

The artist shot a video for the song “Come to life”.

Тина Кароль в сверкающем платье представила новый клип «Иди на жизнь»

A video clip of the singer is filled with symbolisme that resonate with the content of the composition. In particular, in song Carole is keen to hear your inner voice, listen to “the child that is inside her.”

“Inside each of us there is a small child, whose voice is necessary and important to hear in a lifetime. Who predicts our fates? No, the destiny inside of us! We have a compass and a guide, it is only necessary and truly make their own choices in life,” says the song and the clip of Tina Karol.

In the video, He appeared in several images. In particular, in the episode on the California coast, the singer posed in a white lace dress with a little girl. In addition, the actress tried on a spectacular celestial and gold sparkly dress.

The shooting of the clip took place in Los Angeles. It was directed by Polly Pierce, Executive producer – Anna Pagava. Fans appreciated the efforts of the team of Tina Karol. In the comments on the official YouTube channel of the singer, they shared impressions.

“Such ease after viewing”, “How much tenderness, kindness and motivation” “In goose bumps and tears, this is great,” wrote the enthusiastic fans.