Tina Karol showed a man who carries her in his arms

Famous Ukrainian singer and darling of millions of TV viewers, Tina loves to please fans with new pictures in social networks, creative projects and the inner positive, which infects the audience.

Тина Кароль показала мужчину, который носит её на руках

But the openness of Tina Karol not about her personal life, which the singer demonstrates very poorly and rarely.

But this time Tina decided to treat the audience, showing a man who carries her in his arms.

The star published a photograph, which depicts a man, hard to keep the singer on his hands. She laughs cheerfully and waves.

The photo was taken in the framework of the project “Dances with stars z”, namely behind the scenes, where is the most interesting. Men holding Tina in his hands, was the partner of singer MARUV, which takes part in the project.

Fans immediately responded to the “love photos” and threw Tina Karol compliments. Many have identified her talent and positive attitude, which is transmitted even through a photo. Some commented on the reaction of others a couple of artists. The photo clearly shows the dissatisfaction of other project participants that are “not too happy” attention to Tina. “Look at those brutal faces”, “Ilona not happy for Tina” and such comments can be read under the post of the singer.

As a reminder, fans of Tina Karol actively discussed the affair with the singer Dan Balan, as many expected “the continuation of love feast” after the end of the project. At the moment it is unknown whether the artists love, because the stars do not comment on their relationship in the press.