Tina Karol showed “blink” photos

Tina Karol is of interest to fans of not only their transformations on the show dancing with the stars 2019 and images from social events and concerts, but also skillfully tormented them in anticipation of musical novelties and news from the creative front.

Тина Кароль показала «мерцающее» фото

The fans are always with bated breath waiting for the release of new songs and clips because lately the pop diva has changed not only the image but also the repertoire. For example, in August, she released a video for a playful song, “Wabbit”, but such compositions long fiction in the star program! Now the fans were waiting for the next hit.

On the page in Instagram, the actress announced the premiere of a new composition called “Come to life”. The release is scheduled for October 25, Friday.

Happy news, the actress was accompanied by a striking portrait fotomastera. On her hands and face, you can see an abundance of silver glitter and shimmer. Makeup Tina traditionally, the emphasis on red lips, which, by the way can also be seen shimmering particles.

Fans were thrilled as the news from his idol, and from the appearance of the pop diva. Compliments in the comments does not dry out. Well as fans say, that song already sounded during extreme concert “Evening quarter”.

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