Tina Karol showed handsome son

Ukrainian pop star Tina Karol recently pleases his fans with a racy and stylish images each week the celebrity acts as the host of popular show dancing with the stars 2019, and admire a spectacular outfit each ether. So, it stunned the luxury neckline in the seventh edition of the project — the actress shone in a sexy set of original mirrored top and a Maxi skirt with a racy slit to the thigh.

Тина Кароль показала красавчика-сына

It is worth noting that last year Tina was more open and relaxed, excites the imagination of fans of the seductive images in the photo and even in his new video for “Wabbit”. However, in the cycle of cases she always finds time to communicate to 10-year-old son Benjamin. And as the boy learns and lives in the UK, they often talk with my mother via video link.

On his page on the Instagram tab in the stories Carole shared a new photo of her grown-up son. Charming boy is depicted wearing glasses and a school uniform against the wall, on which hangs a plate with the Ukrainian ornament.

Тина Кароль показала красавчика-сына

“Everything will be — Ukraine”, — has signed a frame proud Mama.

Note that the venu is becoming more like his famous mom, but before fans of the more pointed out his resemblance to the late father Eugene Ogira.

Myself Carol told me that they are similar not only externally but also character and habits.

“Venja — copy of his father. In nature, behavior, facial features. I always see your husband in front of him. They are so similar that sometimes the heart. Difficult, but I am proud and happy,” admitted the singer.