Tina Karol showed stylish casual look

Tina masterfully combines preparation for large-scale novomodny concerts and responsibilities leading the project dancing with the stars 2019. On the fourth ether of the pop diva Shine in a weightless translucent dress gray-lavender hue, and her fans have compared the gentle singer with an elf. Energetic actress wasted no time lost and the next day went to a rehearsal with the orchestra of the APU. By the way, her career Tina started as a soloist of song and dance Ensemble of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Now the singer is reunited with the musicians for rehearsal.

Тина Кароль показала стильный повседневный образ

Training videos she showed in the stories Instagram, and it soon appeared on the fan page of the star. In one of the clips you can hear how the musicians play the melody of the hit singer of “Ukraine – TSE ti”.

Itself pop diva also flashes in the frame. Tina can be seen without make-up, gathered in the high bun hair.

She later shared the photo in full growth, in which something is enthusiastically discussing with the two men. Apparently, one of them is the artistic Director of the orchestra of the APU.

Tina – white top with a plunging neckline, a silver MIDI skirt with a high waist and a neat ruffle around the edge of the hem. She complemented the casual bow sandals on a thin stiletto heel.

“My favorite band of the Armed forces of Ukraine. Owl together for a good cause”, — has intrigued the singer in the caption to the photo.

Тина Кароль показала стильный повседневный образ