Tina Karol surprised in an unexpected way

The singer showed the backstage from the shooting of the film

Тина Кароль удивила неожиданным образом

Tina recently really surprised fans with his new talent – she presented the film “the Former”, in which she played the main role. The reincarnation of the singer was really radical – it has become korotkostrizhenih brunette. However, fans have nothing to worry about, because the new hair was just a wig for the photo session. By the way, the picture has already won several international awards. The singer decided to show the fans the backstage from the shooting.

The video in Instagram she playfully posing for the camera, flirting, live shows facial expressions, corrects short hair and even cute APE.

Fans started to share impressions from the unexpected image of a star, as well as her acting.

  • Tenochca such a yoke. I love her look with hitretsoj
  • So weird to see Tina as a brunette
  • Meni duzhe FLM spodobavsya. TNA Inka I in it troch Divna, ale sama CE meni osobisto in NY podobala
  • Not short hair suits
  • Tina any hair color, face, amazing woman
  • Beautiful beautiful
  • Cool
  • It suits you, very pretty
  • The movie touched and hooked deep into the soul
  • Garnier sacsa
  • A little playful, but a strong woman now video
  • You are beautiful with any hair style and makeup