Tina Karol was suspected of facial plastic

Sunday, September 29, hosted the sixth live show “Dances with stars z”. Leading goldroom according to tradition, was the inimitable Ukrainian artist Tina Karol. In this issue, her image was radically different from those in which it is used to see the audience. The celebrity went on the floor in a long black dress with a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit. The stylists did my hair Carol in the lush Hollywood curls, and the makeup focused on the eyes and for the first time did not use red lipstick.

Тину Кароль заподозрили в пластике лица

However, most viewers are impressed with the way it changed the face of Tina Karol. The singer was a completely different person. Many thought that the 34-year-old Ukrainian pop-star has had plastic surgery to correct cheekbone.

“It seems to me or Tina with a person did something, whether cheekbones do not understand”, “what’s with her face? Made the angles of the lower jaw and cheekbones pulled?”, “Not to know. Beautiful, Yes, something changed in her, beautiful!”, “This? Here again it is seen that it is the shape of the face has recently changed)) There is absolutely no cheekbones such”, “That kind of nothing, face like the face — just smiling can. Or lost weight. I think she don’t need those angles ‘to cut’ ))”, — discussed in the Network.