Tina Kunaki in the image of total black at a charity event in Paris

22-year-old Tina Kunakov took part in the charity event “Children of BAM” (Les Enfants de Bam), which was held in Paris. Together with other participants of the marathon model helped to raise funds for the education of children in the province of BAM in West Africa.

Тина Кунаки в образе total black на благотворительной акции в Париже

At the event, the Friends appeared in the daily way total black: she was wearing a jumper, denim jacket, ripped MIDI skirt and pointy mules. Lush hair of a young mother was dissolved, and the person was not an ounce of makeup.

It is noteworthy that 52-year-old spouse Tina, Vincent Cassel, also for many years involved in charity work. Even the name four-month-old daughter of model and actor related to the charity Kassel. The baby was named Amazon, because the actor for many years has actively supported the leader of the tribe Raoni in the struggle to preserve the Amazon rainforest and local culture.