Tina posed in a daring outfit

Tina recently pampers fans with seductive pictures and even videos – in a new video for the song “Wabbit”, she appeared in several racy images. Its a summer beach photo session made in the United States, finally convinced the fans the stars that she got a makeover and became much more outspoken in choosing outfits and images than before. The astounding images appear on the page of the pop diva in Instagram with an enviable regularity.

Тина Кароль позировала в смелом наряде

Fresh photos seductive Tina posing in profile with bare back in a very original crop top. This juicy piece long sleeve star supports arm, inadvertently in the frame did not get anything extra.

Tina posing on the background of many lights. In makeup she preferred to focus on the scarlet lips that has already become a recognizable feature of the star, and the hair with one hand gently removed with the help of hair clips.

Earlier, the actress have already published a picture in the same outfit, only the photo was taken full face. In the frame of the Tina also covered her delicious Breasts, while the cropped top bared her flat tummy.

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