Tina posed in a fancy silver dress

Tina Karol has intrigued fans news – the singer has announced the release of a new single, which is scheduled for Friday, October 25. Ukrainian pop diva decided to tease fans a portrait photo in an unusual way – the abundance of glitter on the hands and face singer only added mystery to her character. In a new photo , which was followed by another announcement of the release of the song, the singer flaunts in “quilted” silver dress.

Тина Кароль позировала в необычном серебристом платье

Brilliant outfit perfect sat the figure of a star, highlighting her exciting curves. Fans immediately compared the mud in a mermaid came to the shore.

Her hair was piled into a beautiful, perfectly neat waves. Sleek, smooth skin that shines from within, a satin lipstick with a noticeable metallic tone highlighted lips, fluffy black lashes completed the makeup of a star.

Compliments rained down on Tina like an avalanche. Fans were delighted with the new image of his idol.

  • Stylish, glamorous, fashionable, beautiful, classy!
  • Divine and beautiful Tina
  • Chic
  • The dress is just the bomb
  • Our gorgeous love you
  • Mermaid
  • Plate have Tiny chic
  • Very beautiful
  • Goldfish
  • Diva
  • Beautiful