Tina said the figure in a sparkling dress

Tina boasted a slender waist and long legs in a silver gown of sequins.

Тина Кароль подчеркнула фигуру сверкающим платьем

Pop diva Ukrainian pop Tina Karol — the favorite of millions of Ukrainians. 34-year-old actress always looks amazing from nails to hair ends. Her flawless look regularly cause a wave of discussions in social networks. Most fans admire revealing outfits that accentuate the femininity and sexuality of a celebrity.

So, for the filming of the video for the new song “Come to life” Carole chose a silver gown, studded with sequins. The highlight of the outfit was the neckline, on the waist, backless celebrity. The way the singer added red lipstick and sudovym eye makeup.