Tina shone in a translucent outfit on “Dancing with the stars”

Tina returned to the project dancing with the stars as the leading and now every air delights stylish and spectacular outfits, which are chosen for filming. Last September 15, the fourth the air, the singer appeared in a memorable way.

Тина Кароль блистала в полупрозрачном наряде на «Танцах со звездами»

Details of your outfit Tina revealed on their instagram page. Partner Yuri Gorbunov preferred the seductive translucent dress Sanahunt. Light purple fabric beautifully hugs the bust of the artist and flows down from the waist in lush waves. Under it can be considered a combination of beige and slender legs Carol.

Video: Tina Karol (instagram.com/tina_karol)

Complete the look of large earrings and a nice hair pin straight this time hair and bold makeup and signature red lipstick.

Admiring followers immediately showered Tina with compliments, calling her Queen and even comparing with the elven Princess.

  • Love it when you have straight hair
  • Aesthetics in a bottle
  • Elf
  • fabulous
  • Too beautiful
  • Magic
  • Irresistible
  • The best way I’ve seen
  • as always on top
  • Very beautiful bow!!! Especially jewelry!!!
  • Harnyunya
  • Beautiful
  • Fashion icon, pricesi have voloss duzhe fresh trend
  • Elegant sukna daily image, elegant TNA