Tina shone on the show “dancing with the stars 2019” in seductive outfit fuchsia

The actress flashed a big bust in a spectacular dress

Тина Кароль блистала на шоу «Танцы со звездами 2019» в соблазнительном наряде цвета фуксии

Tina Karol, which again became the host of the show dancing with the stars, never ceases to delight and amaze his fans and viewers a candid and remarkable images in which appear in the air. So, the singer stunned luxurious neckline in the seventh edition of the project, examples of “mirror” outfit. But in the eighth the air, the artist gave preference to outfit bright fuchsia.

Tina was a real Queen in a slinky dress with a deep neckline and a slit from the hip, which emphasized seductive actress.

Interestingly, in some ways, He “repeated” his own way, in the sixth live Dancing with the stars she was in the same dress from the Crystal, but black.

On his page in Instagram the star has published a striking boomerang-a video in which she turns and casts a piercing glance at the camera.

Video: Tina on dancing with the stars 2019 (instagram.com/tina_karol)

By the way, leading to a balcony this time was Potap and his 11-year-old son Andrew, with whom Tina also had a nice talk.

Video: Tina on dancing with the stars 2019 (instagram.com/_fantina)

In addition, she made a funny video with his co-host Yuri Gorbunov.

Video: Tina on dancing with the stars 2019 (instagram.com/_fantina)

Admiring followers showered the singer with compliments in the comments, comparing it with the tiger and the Queen.

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  • Well devachki is a goddess! That says it all
  • Tinochka you just megasexy
  • Insanely beautiful,this look…
  • right now, as the attack, frightened
  • sexy cat
  • This tigress
  • Beauty extraordinary! Tina, koralee!
  • Beautiful QUEEN
  • CSKA
  • A chic way hairstyle, dress up. Incredible Tina in it!
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