Tina spoke about his phobias

Tina knows how to amaze his fans — for example, recently, the singer appeared in an unusual way saucy Tomboy with short hair in the TV show dancing with the stars 2019. And in a new interview with “social life”, the actress candidly admitted that she fears most in life.

Тина Кароль рассказала о своей фобии

According to Tina, she is incredibly afraid of heights. During concerts she often have to deal with that fear face to face — so, during his speech at the “Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya,” it went on for many meters over the auditorium. The singer was wearing heels and without insurance.

“For me this is the biggest fear. Incredibly scary to sing, to be at altitude and still be an artist,” – said Karol.

Video: (youtube.com/Світське life)

The star also admitted as overcomes his phobia — the singer believes that with fear to fight.

“I’m going to meet my fears. I am afraid, I tremble, I know that now to be responsible, but if I will not do it, you will not be able to overcome your fear,” said Tina.