Tina spoke about the upbringing of his son

The singer is convinced that violence against children is unacceptable.

Тина Кароль рассказала о воспитании сына

Six years ago, Tina Karol survived the terrible grief — the death of a beloved husband, Eugene Ogira. The singer was left alone with her little son on hands and recently admitted that during those difficult times it even have had thoughts about suicide. However, it is the child helped to pick up and start to move on. In an interview JUL the actress shared the secrets of developing your son Benjamin, who is now 10 years old. Note that the boy lives and studies in London.

According to Tina, venja — a true copy of the father. And the older he gets, the more he looks like dad.

“He is your daddy! In character, in behavior, in choice of clothing and food. And the face… He’s growing up and I see the face of her husband in front of him. Sometimes pain in the heart, it is difficult, but I am proud and happy,” admitted the singer.

Carole, it is important to educate the son independent and responsible person. The blame now understand that it is the mother’s main support.

“He has the potential to become more Mature earlier. And it’s not bad. I need support, he knows about it. I have to prepare for life before, than do children in Ukraine. And I know he normally will take on this responsibility, because his father was such,” says Tina.

For the development of autonomy she sent her son to study abroad, where he lives separately from his mother. For several years Benjamin is studying in a school in London, but there are no lose connections with Ukraine.

“He learns, lives in a Ukrainian family. Learned colorful Ukrainian language — a Lviv. There he learned to go to the Ukrainian Church had learned hopak… he’s Got more of Ukraine than here sometimes” — tells about the life of the son of Karol.

One of the basic rules of upbringing of the singer — never beat a child, even though Tina says that sometimes in her childhood got. But she is against violence.

“I received the fine, I think it is wrong. This kind of weakness of intelligence… When you beat your child with a belt is a weakness of your intellect. You have to explain the difference between one or the other. Without whipping child with a belt”, — said the artist.

She believes that children should enjoy this life and not be in fear and under pressure.

“If I count to three, then the son knows that three is the final. Of course, we have some “skirmishes”. But it’s solved. Importantly, the children did not feel that you have to push. They should know that they are individuals. Came to this world to reveal his identity. To live and not be afraid!” — summed up Karol.

Mother and son often communicate by video conference and, whenever possible, fly towards each other.

Тина Кароль рассказала о воспитании сына