Tina tried on the image of Tomboy

The twelfth broadcast of the show Dancing with the stars, which took place on November 10, dawned bright and memorable — after all, in the quarterfinals of the project couples danced to the live performance of Ukrainian stars, which in this case repeated their old images. Among them were “Golden” composition of the group VIA Gra, Jamal, Assol, and of course the host of the show Tina. Note that the singer is back to his cheeky Luka eight years ago, it is highly surprising the fans.

Тина Кароль примерила образ хулиганки

Photos and videos were posted on the fan page of Karol in Instagram. The artist sang his old song “Why I know” that Ksenia Mishina and Eugene the cat danced a sexy freestyle. She also Tina appeared in the form of a video for this song with short ragged hair and “punk” attire — jeans, a white t-shirt and sneakers. On one shoulder she had thrown a black leather jacket-leather biker jacket.

Fans of the singer were quick to share their impressions of this transformation Carol — many admitted that it was very unexpected, but cool, and she looks very pretty this way.

  • I like the image of Tina, one of my favorite songs
  • It is divine
  • Loved it!!! Is not very accustomed to see Tinochka in this way. And W is not all that it was once this way
  • TSE me a shock
  • Very suddenly, I do not know, will be rich. honestly, I already forgot her
  • It was very unexpected
  • The coolest image turned out
  • Very!!! It is just super!!!!
  • In MENA CCB shock. afganka! Pomolodela for 10 years!
  • Sooo
  • Hilarious!) Immediately recalled the days when Tenochca went with a short haircut and was daring chicola))
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