Tina was intrigued by a statement about his personal life

Tina and Dan Balan literally blew up the “mystical” tenth broadcast of Dancing with the stars 2019 its appearance on the main flooring of the country. Their sensual and soulful room to the song “Home” made a splash, and fans of the artists spoke about their affair. Oil poured into the fire, and romantic photos that Dan and Tina have placed on their pages on Instagram, and the singer even left a cryptic message for the Ukrainian pop diva. What is really happening between the actors, the singer has decided to tell in an interview with “Facts.”

Тина Кароль заинтриговала заявлением о личной жизни

According to Tina, the song “Home” was specially written for the project dancing with the stars 2019. She admitted that all the feelings that the audience saw was absolutely sincere and genuine. The singer was intrigued by the statement that puts in the relationship of Dracula and white angel dot dot dot.

“Given the way Count Dracula and I — the white angel. And yet, it is unclear healed Dracula or dragged angel in the mortal world? So let’s see… it was real, the embarrassment, playfulness and intrigue. And how can you play? If it were not the truth — all would have felt false,” believes the artist.

The it less the heart of the Ukrainian pop diva now occupied by her beloved son Benjamin – the boy grows into dad, and, in both appearance and character and even habits they have similar. Tina notes that it is difficult to call a workaholic, and a favorite thing – this is her lifestyle and vocation.

“My heart is occupied by my son a hundred percent. And there is a small corner, maybe one percent, for inner promises. I’m a girl. My main passion is stage. I’m not a workaholic, not obsessed with his job, I just live by it. This is my love, my fate,” — says the singer.

It is not excluded that again will go to the altar with a special person. “Why should anything be denied? But I have no illusions and do not aspire to it” — shared the star.