Tina was mesmerized by the magnetic eyes

The singer chose a playful touch.

Tina every Sunday pleases the fans appearance in the live show of dancing with the stars 2019 in spicy outfits that flatter her figure and forced to discuss every detail. Pop diva leaves fans without attention on his page on instagram, where fans go for a fresh batch of photos. So, the new portrait photo star captivated subscribers to its magnetic playful look and a sun image.

Tina in focus look at the camera, slightly lowering his head down. Her luxurious blond curls blowing across her shoulders, with one hand she removed the hair behind the ear. Make-up is dominated by quiet shades and pink color, lashes thickly painted with Indian ink and painted jet-black color that gives the look of Tina even more depth and expressiveness.

She left magnetic photos, just putting the author of the photograph. But fans immediately invented the name for a picture and threw the pop diva compliments.