Tipping in the USA: how much to leave and what happens if you don’t pay

Tips have become an integral part of our lives, but for Russian-speaking immigrants in the U.S. is very unusual is the fact that in the United States to leave 25% tip, when in our countries — a maximum of 10% and it is not necessary. The author of the blog “let’s Go to America” on “Yandex.Zen” wrote, what happens if you don’t tip the waiter in the United States.

Чаевые в США: сколько нужно оставлять и что будет, если не заплатить

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Hereinafter in the first person.

All have long been accustomed, or at least heard about these “legendary” tip in various American cafes or restaurants. They need to be alone and always have to leave every — so demand the rules of etiquette.

Okay if 5%, but tip reach the amount of 25%. And after paying state tax and 35%.

But my Russian soul to put up with it wants and therefore asks the question. What if the waiter not to pay a tip? Just say that fast food is not customary to leave a tip in coffee shops for the most part too.

What happens if you don’t tip?

The waiter politely inquire why you have left and decide that you really something is not liked.

But such a small unpleasant situation will lead to the fact that the waiter will call the administrator and he will find out what you are not pleased.

If there is still not give up and still not leave, then you are all secretly considers greedy and a miser.

And I remind you that it all happens in a public place, when perhaps you’re not alone.

Other people also frown’ll nod in your direction and put the stamp – greedy.

What will happen after that?

If you have already quit your job, pay the bills, but not including a tip, then after you chase the waiter or administrator. The purpose of them will be the same: either to leave a tip, or explain the reason for the discontent.

But there is one unpleasant thing, you will remember the staff in the cafe and not that will take your photo and sign: “greedy, to serve as long as possible”, but this is simply not goodbye. It’s like in the 18th century to throw the glove in person.

And if you dare to visit again, it’s the café, you will either have too long to wait for the waiter — they are, as it will not notice you, pretending to spread other orders.

Either will serve, but extremely reluctantly and with an unpleasant expression. It will be good if you inadvertently that will not shed or anything like that. I dare say that various cafes, perhaps across the country is on the Internet blacklist which includes “defaulters tip”.

After this you will not really serve in any cafe and restaurant properly and adequately. If at all admitted.





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