Tkachenko: Quarantine will reduce the income of all spheres of culture by more than half

Ткаченко: Карантин сократит доходы всех сфер культуры более чем на половину

In Ukraine, as a result of quarantine measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, the incomes of all spheres of culture will fall by more than half. This was stated by the Minister of culture and information policy Oleksandr Tkachenko in an interview

“It is obvious that the income of all spheres of cultural industry will fall by more than 50%. And it’s not just the time or interest, jobs, people, and their families,” said Tkachenko, answering the question about the Ministry of the losses of the cultural sphere as a result of quarantine.

He added that this crisis is not enough law No. 3377 on the support of tourism and creative industries, which must be signed by the President, or the law on the reduction of VAT to 7% for the cultural industry.

“Obviously, we need money and donations direct support areas. We have provided proposals, which are now discussed in the government. They are talking about about 2 billion UAH. This money should be distributed not only on projects but also on direct financial support by attracting grants,” — said Tkachenko.

He did not rule out that more than one year “will face the consequences of coronavirus in the cultural industry.”

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“So we’re not just talking about direct subsidies but also attract grants from Western partners and the development of public-private partnerships. This is the normal European experience, that a culture could develop, — said the Minister.

In addition, Tkachenko noted that the law No. 3377 transparent provides basic tool support — grants to support cultural institutions.

“The book Institute, the state, the Ukrainian cultural Fund these grants to give out. We also talked with the Minister of Finance regarding facilitate the issuance of loans for the cultural sector under 3-5-7% state-owned banks”, — said the Minister.

Tkachenko recalled that the State Agency of development of tourism of Ukraine launched the project “travel Ukraine” in mid-June, which will slightly ease the economic situation for tourism development.

“In particular, through the development and promotion of domestic tourism. In the framework of the strategic parts management for the tourism industry we will also develop a mechanism of calculation of tourism statistics, which we do still not exist. Also present travel portal, which will collect all the tourist spots — it will be a modern platform for travellers , where our state is really lacking. I’m also working on a project tourist magnets,” — said Tkachenko.

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The Minister also stressed that only one step to cinema have earned since July 2, was worth many hours of talk and belief.

“I think we will see results over time. But according to their estimates, the theaters lost millions UAH monthly. And even now, when they open, they are allowed to fill the hall only by 50%, and again, this is lost income. Same story with the theatres in the checkerboard Seating”, — said the head of MCIP.

He also noticed that with the new quarantine wave is not easy and the museums, even to those who were able to open, and even worse is the situation with the concert organizations that are in “limbo.”

Tkachenko stressed that the Ministry has no clear plan how to act in different situations of the spread of coronavirus.

“Do you know when the quarantine will end? We don’t. A clear plan, there can be in conditions of uncertainty. We are now collecting forecast data for all areas under our control, what results they expect by year-end. Now I’m moving on with plan “A”- it is urgent to distribute funds. And to get, you need to lift the weight of the Ministry. Because if you start to die, the culture will be bad for everyone. After that we will have a discussion and develop plans “b” and “C,” — said the Minister.

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Tkachenko also said that he sees the government’s readiness to meet the revival, restoration and development of a culture industry. He assured that he will do everything possible to cultural institutions received grants and funds that they desperately need.

“This is for me a kind of challenge. The second test is the realization of cultural projects and ambitious programs that will prove that culture develops. And when these tasks execute, we can talk about the culture of communication and shared standards of Ukrainians”, — said the Minister.

Answering the question, what is the deadline to rescue the victims from the coronavirus cultural segments he sets to himself, Tkachenko said: “we Have no more than two months on the implementation of these plans. Creatives simply will not survive. But it is very important that the Ministry of Finance finally began to understand what we say and how our plans are implemented”.

He stressed that the implementation of plans MCIP very important support of the “Servant of the people”, the President and the government.

As reported, the government on 12 March in Ukraine has introduced a quarantine to combat the spread of coronavirus infection.

The first weakening of quarantine in Ukraine started on may 11. The country now has adaptive quarantine until July 31.