‘To achieve victory over trump’: billionaire Bloomberg into the presidential race

The billionaire and former mayor of new York finds that none of the current candidates are not able to defeat Donald trump in the presidential election of 2020, BBC reports.

'Добиться победы над Трампом': миллиардер Блумберг вступил в президентскую гонку

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77-year-old Bloomberg on Friday night filed documents for registration as a candidate from the US Democratic party primary elections in Alabama.

The former mayor of new York has submitted documents necessary for participating in the race at the last moment, but still not officially announced that he would run for the presidency.

On Friday morning, trump in the form of mocking commented on reports about the intention of Bloomberg to run for President. “No one [among Democrats], against whom I most would like to run for office than young Michael,” said the US President.

Currently, the list of the Democratic party seeking the nomination of candidates 17.

Former us Vice-President Joe Biden, Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren and Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders are considered the favorites.

'Добиться победы над Трампом': миллиардер Блумберг вступил в президентскую гонку

Photo: Depositphotos

Recent surveys of voters indicate that in the occasion of the nomination of the democratic candidate Sanders or Warren they can’t win the election in November 2020.

“He [Bloomberg] does not work, but I think he really hurt Biden,” said trump.

At the moment three Republicans intend to challenge President Trump, seeking the nomination.

As stated earlier, the Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson, former mayor of new York is seriously considering the possibility of participation in the presidential campaign, drawing on his political experience, leadership qualities and ability to bring people together.

“Now we have to bring the case to the end and achieve victory over trump,” said Wolfson.

“Michael, more concerned that none of the current candidates are not able to do it,” — said adviser to Bloomberg.

What do we know about Michael Bloomberg

State Bloomberg is estimated at $ 52 billion. This is almost 17 times more than the state of Donald trump ($3.1 billion).

Bloomberg was a banker on wall street and then founded the financial news Agency that bears his name. He donates millions of dollars on projects in education and medicine.

Bloomberg initially supported the Democrats but became a Republican to nominate his candidacy for mayor of new York in 2001.

He was three times re-elected to the position of mayor until 2012 and only last year regained its membership in the Democratic party.

He is considered a moderate Democrat, advocating U.S. participation in international agreements on climate control. It also supports the movement for control over the sale of firearms, which he helped to found in 2014.

This movement is receiving significant financial support from Bloomberg, has played a leading role in the victory of Democrats on elections in legislative Assembly of the state of Virginia this week.

The movement has invested $ 2.5 million in campaign contributions to the Democrats in this state. This is significantly higher than the contribution of the National rifle Association, which supported the Republicans and the headquarters of which are located in Virginia.