To be healthy: vitamins that are definitely necessary in the fall

You should not rely on the reserves accumulated in summer! To survive the autumn without the cold and in a good mood will help you 5 vitamins.

Чтобы не болеть: витамины, которые обязательно нужны осенью

Autumn came. Many people love this time for a special charm for a heightened sense of time. Because of the bright beauty at any moment may be over and winter will come.

By the way, about time. Daylight gets shorter, it can cause sadness turns into depression. You should pay attention to vitamins. They have a beneficial effect on our nervous system, contribute to the production of serotonin, and with it the melancholy will not go beyond the limits.

In addition, in autumn the weather becomes colder, we often get cold. The world has not increased microbes, why do we begin to hurt? The reason is simple – our body is experiencing stress. He was used to fly and believed that it always will be. And any climate change reduce our immunity. With such trouble, will help vitamin C. So eat health more products containing this vitamin. Those who believe that the summer fruit and berry abundance has helped our body to stock up on vitamin C throughout the winter, are mistaken. Vitamin C and water – soluble, and stocks runs out very quickly.

In autumn you should pay attention to the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E). Why them? These vitamins strengthen the immune system, and that’s what we need right now. There are plenty of useful properties from the trio, but for fall, it is sufficient immunity. The fact that these vitamins do not dissolve in water, their is also a big plus. Stocks there is no special need to replenish daily. Vitamins can be stored by the body up to two months.

Check with the specialist which products contain the required amount of vitamins you need, and if the food they eat does not work, then start drinking any complex. Have a nice autumn!