To be late for the train, a woman called 911 (PHOTOS)

Опаздывавшая на поезд женщина позвонила 911  (ФОТО)

Police in Ontario reminds residents not to call 911, reporting non-emergency situations in connection with a call of the inhabitant of Toronto, addressed to him with the question, can she provide “emergency transportation service” that she had on the train.

“To miss the train, of course, desirable – written by the staff of the regional police Saw on Twitter on Thursday morning. – But to call 911 to ask the police to act as emergency transport service to take you there in time? Yeah … it’s hardly”.

The conversation, which had been published in a tweet, started with the fact that the 911 operator asked if the caller needed help from the police, fire service or ambulance.

What the caller said, “It’s up to you… I need to get to Union station. I ordered the car, she did not come, and I don’t know how you guys running this service, because I’m in a taxi, but the station I’m late because my train leaves at 9:45”.

Further in the text:

Operator: “Sorry, so you’re in a taxi and think I’m late for the train, which departs from Union station?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Operator: “And what do you expect from the police?”

Caller: “You guys provide emergency services or not?”

Operator: “Emergency transport service?”

Caller: “Yes. I don’t know how you guys act.”

Operator: “Well, I can assure you that we don’t do that”.

Caller: “my apologies”.

Operator: “You can call a taxi or hop in a taxi and go wherever you need. Okay?”

Caller: “I See. Thank you.”

Operator: “Please. Bye-bye”.

Then the local police wrote: “Call 911 only if someone’s health, safety or property is in immediate danger or if a crime is committed”. They also asked the subscribers dial at 905-453-3311 non-emergency situations.