To be useful in the United States higher education of the CIS: the view of the immigrant

The author of the blog “Russian American” to Anderssen talked about how if she does not regret that he decided to get an education first at home and then move to the US.

Пригодится ли в США высшее образование из стран СНГ: мнение иммигрантки

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When I first came to America, I was still at University. I had the opportunity to stay in the States, but I firmly decided that I have to finish University and then to plan a life in another country. You know, I have never regretted my decision.

I often hear the opinion that immigrants in the United States education in many other countries means nothing, and saying that a diploma is possible with him, here not to take. I with this view I completely disagree, let me tell you why.

The formation of CIS is not officially recognized in the United States. That would be my educated even mean something in this country, I sent your diploma to special translation. An organization that is doing checks a lot of information ranging from General information about the school and ending with the counting of hours of instruction for each subject and then compares it with American standards.As a result, my diploma was equivalent to the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in my specialty in the United States. Of course employers are not on American education are frowned upon, but at least when I was looking for a job, a question I could honestly answer that I have higher education, which is a mandatory requirement for many professional positions.

The third and probably the biggest reason why I can use my diploma here is to continue learning. Having some degree of education from another country, you can go to the next level. Roughly speaking if the person is not made in Russia and dropped out of school after the 3rd course, in the US he’ll just have to start all over again. This means at least 4 years and 150 thousand dollars. Translate the individual items that you studied, is almost impossible. But with a Bachelor’s degree in CIS, you can safely enroll for a Master in America.

At some point in America, I realized that I had grown to “ceiling” and that would qualify for a higher position I need a local crust. Since I already had a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, I easily did one of the best universities in our state for 2 year MBA. Diploma from a local University helped me a lot in building a career.

In General, I think the answer posed in the title of the article is obvious-very useful!

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