To blame “the damn phones”: in the United States closed the largest free Washington Post…

Виноваты «чертовы смартфоны»: в США закрылась крупнейшая бесплатная газета Washington Post...

Free American newspaper (such as those handed out in Kiev metro) The Washington Post Express has closed after 16 years, unable to compete with online media.

The latest release came with the title to the whole of the front page: “Hope you like your damn phones,” says “360”.

In a farewell column, the founding editor of the newspaper Dan Caccavo noted that the phones have the upper hand in the fight for the audience. “This Monday morning when I was driving to work… three people in my crowded train reading Express (thank you!). One man was driving, her face buried in a book. Almost all the people looking at smartphones,” — he wrote.

TV was supposed to kill radio, and online print media. The Washington Post is confident that the second is happening right now. WP Express was an integral part of the morning trips Washingtonians in the metro — a living and fascinating journal was published for 16 years. But with the proliferation of Wi-Fi in the subway more and more readers switched to read the WP Express in the digital format.

The management of the holding TheWashingtonPostрешило close free daily newspaper Express, citing declining readership after the Metropolitan district of Columbia held Wi-Fi.

Express was made so that it was easy to read on public transport on the way to work or home. A particularly relevant paper was for those who were not subscribed to The Washington Post.

Express has always been attractive, sometimes bold cover, which was covered by a separate news or trends, often underappreciated by The Washington Post or the past in television news. Also, Express has always been a collection of stories and materials taken from the main Newspapers, original articles and columns, prepared by their own staff.

The cover, however, was not the only place where Express decided to blame the users of smartphones. In one of the headings, the editors left a note. “Must everyone use the subway in Washington, looking at their smartphones instead of reading a printed newspaper“, — stated in it.

However, the publication promises that will continue to work in digital format — will be a mobile website, apps, newsletters and podcasts.

As previously reported “FACTS”, from 27 September 2019 Media Group Ukraine (Kyiv) to suspend issue of the newspaper “Today” in the paper version. MGU intend to focus on the development of digital and TV formats. After the termination of the newspaper “Today” the newspaper “Facts and comments” will remain one of the few ranking national Newspapers that are still publishing in the paper version.

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