To Detroit with a light heart

&In Detroit with a light heart


Working in a good mood, there's nothing like moving big projects forward. Like that of restoring its nobility to a concession in love. This is precisely the atmosphere in which the Canadian trained on Thursday, before leaving for Detroit.

Martin St-Louis and his troops had something to smile about and with a light heart. The satisfaction of having defeated the Toronto Maple Leafs was still palpable just 12 hours after that first season-opening triumph since the 2017-2018 campaign.

“A first victory is important. It makes you feel good and have confidence in what you are doing, ”said defender Chris Wideman. 

It may be said that the preparatory calendar does not matter, but it is clear that the players had the 0-6-2 record in mind. Even if we were beaten back with the famous process, the longer the first win would have been delayed, the heavier the weight would have been on the shoulders of the Canadiens players. 

“We still have a few injuries, but it was the first time we had our real NHL team on the ice. It's something we weren't able to do during the whole preparatory calendar, “said Wideman.

A few steps from his teammate, David Savard abounded in the same direction, remembering that the camp is mainly used to ensure that all players are on the same page.

“Yes, we lost all our games in the preparatory calendar, but it was used for teaching, correcting errors and making sure everything was in place for the start of the season. Yesterday [Wednesday], precisely, we played a fairly complete match, ”supported the Maskoutain.

impressed by the young people

Obviously, a match is far from a season. Moreover, following the victory acquired in the inaugural game of 2017, the Canadian had suffered seven consecutive losses, including one in overtime.

“We got the result we wanted, but that doesn't change what we're doing today. When you win, the next day you have to get up and start over. It's the same thing when you lose, “compared the head coach of the Canadian.

“We remain focused on the way forward while maintaining a good level of enthusiasm. I think that if we have this mentality, we will obtain more and more the desired results, ”continued St-Louis.

There is therefore no question of leaving in fear, even if the Habs surprised the powerful Leafs as a curtain raiser and although, overall, the young defenders, Kaiden Guhle in the lead, did an excellent job.

“These guys are amazing. It was a lot of pressure last night [Wednesday]! They are so calm and confident with the puck. Their contribution has been beneficial to the team. They seemed to grow face after face,” Wideman said.

Three games in four nights

Now that they have understood what it was like to beat the Maple Leafs on Bell Center ice, CH rookies will have to tame the condensed streaks of two games in 24 hours and three games in four nights.

That's what they'll experience with a visit to Detroit tonight, followed by a stop Friday in Washington.

Simple games

While St-Louis thinks it will go without saying for its young players, Savard believes that there may be an adjustment to be made.

“It's part of the learning. In the NHL, games are more intense and often one of the two clubs is rested. You have to know how to gauge your energies by making shorter shifts and making sure you recover well between games.

“And these are not games where you go on offense. These are games where you keep things simple, ”he warned.

It will therefore be expected that the Canadian will play two parts of the road: simple and dull.

Martin St-Louis has confirmed that Jake Allen will face the Detroit Red Wings tonight. However, the plan is not determined for Saturday.