‘To do less testing’: the US authorities to reduce the testing COVID-19

The Federal government stops funding testing coronavirus in 5 States, as trump claims that the US is conducting too many tests, writes Business Insider.

'Надо делать меньше тестов': власти США сокращают пункты тестирования на COVID-19

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The US Federal government plans to withdraw funding and support 13 testing coronavirus in 5 States by 30 June, according to Talking Points Memo, and CNN.

13 affected stations are located in Texas, Illinois, new Jersey, Colorado and Pennsylvania. They were created at the initial stage during the outbreak of coronavirus to empower testing and removing some of the burden from local government and state government.

The funding for these items will expire on 30 June, and, as they say, Federal officials decided not to pursue it.

On June 23, U.S. President Donald trump said that the high rates of infection in the United States was the result of extensive testing, adding that he asked the officials to start reducing the number of tests conducted.

On Twitter he added that “in the US growing, because we test far more than in any other country”.

“With less testing we would show fewer cases!” — trump wrote on Twitter.

'Надо делать меньше тестов': власти США сокращают пункты тестирования на COVID-19

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Although in the US there were more tests for coronavirus than any other country, the States remain in the test plan per capita. According to the project Worldometer, countries such as Iceland and the UK, have tested more people per capita than the United States.

Texas may be the state most affected by the decision of the Federal government. Here are 7 of the 13 lockable points, and this week showed a record daily rise in new cases of coronavirus.

Rocky VAZ, Director for emergencies in Dallas, told Talking Points Memo that he asked to extend the financing of points, but he refused.

“They very clearly told us that it was not going to renew the funding,” said VAZ.

According to him, the city may have to hire private contractors to replace Federal testing.

“The staff, Playground, tents, generators, kits, laboratory work, notification of patients, all this costs money,” said VAZ.


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