To douche brought only benefit, you need to follow 4 rules

The benefits of a contrast shower is known to many. But that the procedure was 100% useful, it is important to observe four rules.

Чтобы контрастный душ принёс только пользу, нужно соблюдать 4 правила

Rule # 1. Constancy.

The regular contrast shower will make a big, sustainable results.

Rule # 2. Morning.

It morning shower will give cheerfulness for the whole day coming.

Rule # 3. From top to bottom.

Start pouring from the top and continue so that the jets of water beat down.

Rule # 4. Warm-hot-cold.

Mostly in that order you need to change the water temperature. The optimal number of visits is three. Cold water – for about ten seconds, hot two to three times longer, warm as long as you are comfortable. But do not over tighten! Finish always have cold water.

Don’t try the first time to achieve maximum temperature difference. In order to enter this mode, you will need at least ten treatments. Follow with cold water. You need to ensure that it became really icy. Absolutely no water from the hot tap.

After a shower RUB a good towel.