To dress with extreme cut: Lady Gaga at the launch of his beauty line

33-year-old Lady Gaga threw a party for the launch of his cosmetic line Haus Laboratories in Santa Monica, California. To congratulate the singer with her debut beauty collection came her star friends: Ashley Simpson, Kimora Blake, Patrick Starr, Nikita Dragoons, Manny MUA, and many others (many, among them a drag Queen, and transgender).

В платье с экстремальным разрезом: Леди Гага на презентации своей бьюти-линии

A collection of makeup from Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories consisted of six products, including eye liner and lips, a special sticker and eyeshadow in a variety of shimmering shades. Products of this series can be purchased on the official website of Haus Laboratories and on Amazon.

I now bolder than ever. I overcome obstacles associated with psychological problems and its popularity. However, I have learned to love yourself — largely due to the makeup. He helped me find a rainbow in my heart.

It’s not just the start of cosmetics. This glamorous attack on the world that will teach people to accept themselves, to be brave, and most importantly — good. Yes, I want my business to be successful. But most of all I dream that people loved myself and saw just how beautiful they are,

— confessed Lady Gaga in his 20-minute speech to the audience.