To drink or not to drink: Anita Lutsenko debunked myths about kefir


Пить или не пить: Анита Луценко развенчала мифы о кефире

Famous fitness coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko, previously told how to get rid of belly fat once his post on Instagram debunked myths about the popular fermented milk product is kefir, which is popular in slimming. Fermented milk drink a drink at night instead of dinner, wanting to lose weight. In fact, yogurt is not so useful.

Its action on the body have looked at Anita.

“Yogurt and other dairy products (except hard cheese) refers to food that is rich in high insulin index, that is, after eating it sharply raises the level of insulin, but not glucose. Insulin index of kefir — 98, on par with white bread and ice cream. Increase the level of insulin promotes the release of adrenal aldosterone. Aldosterone retains sodium and therefore fluid, that is provided in the morning a small swelling of the tissues,” explains Anita.

In addition, kefir impairs lipolysis — utilization of fat by the liver cells and fat cells. That is, with the release of insulin stops you losing weight.

If you are a thin man and you don’t need to lose weight, you have a good sensitivity of cells to insulin and the insulin spike will trigger within two hours of its decline, together with a reduction in the level of glucose that will lead you to the fridge thinking to lead “night priestess” and not make it up do a little inventory. Now draw your own conclusions to drink or not to drink?”, — shared his knowledge of Anita Lutsenko that during pregnancy gained weight after giving birth but dropped the extra pounds through a balanced diet and exercise.

“To lose weight, you need to eat. What a lot,” she said.

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